NORBI Voice: we give voice to NORBI

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NORBI Voice is being designed, a version of the device that uses artificial intelligence and voice assistance technologies to allow the patient to interact vocally with the device. By now the voice assistants are spreading more and more in our homes and that’s why we thought of a solution to keep up with the times even for NORBI, an assistant that lacked only the word!

NORBI Voice will communicate with a cloud computing service that can recognize and execute the voice commands implemented ad-hoc for the management of device functionality.

Thanks to the new voice interface, the device will be able to “talk” with the user notifying an imminent administration or giving instructions on how to take the medicines present in the administration, but above all by answering questions that can be asked by users. For example, the user can ask NORBI Voice in how many minutes the next administration will be available, which medications will be released or when the stock will end.

The broader design idea is to extend the vocal service to become a real personal assistant able to talk with the user giving advice, to connect to medical care services such as to contact the caregiver for information and alerts about the user.

An even more interesting future evolution, will be the possibility of fully managing the NORBI device through voice interaction, also with regard to the insertion and management of therapies.

There are currently no smart pill dispensers on the market with a voice assistance system. The first steps have been taken in the health sector in the United Kingdom, where Alexa, Amazon’s voice assistant, will give medical advice on the most common diseases thanks to an agreement signed with the National Health System.