AGEvoluzione Responsible Company 2015

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La Regione Lombardia ha premiato una selezione di aziende lombarde che si sono distinte per le Buone Pratiche adottate nell’ambito della Responsabilità Sociale d’Impresa. Tra questi Agevoluzione, premiata insieme ad altre 10 aziende Pavesi che si sono distinte per l’impegno attento e responsabile verso l’azienda, l’ambiente e gli stakeholder coinvolti, tra cui in particolare i dipendenti.

In particular we have been awarded in the fields of Environmental Sustainability and Government and responsible management of the company , the first because of the particular sensitivity that distinguishes us towards the environment through projects oriented to the development of renewable sources and energy saving and the attention to social with specific projects aimed at people with disabilities; the second for the enhancement of internal staff with flexibility and continuous training to improve the quality of work and safety and that results in an enrichment for corporate results. Region of Lombardy will allocate grants
( with which it wishes to promote, support and disseminate the development and consolidation of the social responsibility of organisations in micro, small and medium-sized enterprises in Lombardy.

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