An Innovative PMI!

AGEvoluzione is an innovative SME and R&D Center carrying out research, development and consultancy in the field of the Internet of Things (IoT) offering cutting-edge solutions. Besides its own projects, AGEvoluzione acts as an incubator of external ideas which are engineered and turned into finished products thanks to the company’s expertise and production facilities.

We have obtained the Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) recognition for the environmental attention and awareness of our projects.


The Internet of Things is seen as a possible evolution of the use of the Net. Objects become recognizable and gain intelligence by being able to communicate data with each other and access aggregate information from others.


The goal of Agevoluzione is to transform everyday objects into “animated” objects: for this reason it creates customized solutions for industry 4.0. The fields of applicability are many: from industrial applications (production processes), to logistics and infomobility, up to energy efficiency, remote assistance and environmental protection.