Joe’s IoE day (Internet of Everything)

We enjoyed imagining the Ioe (Internet of Everithing) day of our imaginary friend Joe.

Let’s take a look at your day together and evaluate the benefits and solutions that an Iot day gives to our lives.

The morning is always hard to wake up, but thanks to his alarm clock Iot, the awakening of Joe is always the best possible. Thanks to the connection with his personal schedule, with weather services and traffic, the alarm clock knows when to wake him up. It is also connected with a wearable Iot accessory that alerts you when Joe’s sleep cycle is most conducive to awakening. The same accessory collects the data generated by Joe’s sports activities (running, cycling, gym) and many other biophysical parameters, to allow him to organize his workouts and keep himself at the optimal level of form.

As Joe walked through the doorway, the lights went out, the blinds went down and the front doors locked. Even the climate system adapted automatically to minimize consumption. The box instead opened when he approached, but something was wrong: his smart bag warned him of the absence of one of the objects that were usually inside it: the wallet! Joe grumbled back into the house, but then realized that, just a short time before, he would probably have made it to his office without it, which would have made his day very difficult.  Mentally he again thanked Iot technology and returned to the machine.

How road traffic had changed! Cars interacted with traffic lights, traffic services and other cars, optimising traffic and greatly improving safety. By now his car was receiving instructions from the same road signs and he could definitely relax, maybe thinking about the commitments of the day that awaited him. Joe remembered the long lines on the freeway, which made him arrive at the office already tired and nervous, little focused on his work. As his car headed to its reserved spot from the parking lot’s Iot system, Joe closed his bag and prepared to get out.

Joe hates being awoken while his sleep is deep and dreamless and the alarm clock is learning his rhythms and needs.

One of his needs is definitely good coffee, hot and freshly made. The alarm clock, before taking the well-deserved rest, warns the coffee maker to prepare his coffee and the rest of the house of Joe’s awakening.

Everything was going for the best: it was a nice warm day, breakfast was waiting for him, warm and fragrant, the shower water was perfect… The day started in the best possible way.

Joe paused for a moment to think how Iot technology had changed his life for the better: long faces and bad morning mood were almost completely gone and everything in the house revolved around his needs. It’s good at home, but it’s time to go out and start the day.

Now it was no longer even necessary to call the elevator, its mobile equipment had already communicated both its arrival and the destination plan.
As always, Joe found his computer on and his desk lights adapted to his presence and ambient brightness.

Today he expected a major challenge and did not want distractions of any kind: he had to finish, by evening, an advertising campaign according to the latest whims of his client. Luckily only the last touches were missing, everything was approved and could not wait to close the work and transmit the campaign directly to the billboards of his city, which were no longer paper, but were huge display eink color and even this, He thought, it was a huge step forward in the effectiveness of his work.
Joe noticed that he was hungry and that it was time to order a good lunch: he took his mobile apparatus, connected to his favorite restaurant, chose the dishes he wanted and ordered them. The restaurant was not far away, but he knew that he would find the chosen dishes freshly prepared, because his mobile apparatus would communicate to the Iot system of the restaurant his imminent arrival. As soon as he entered the system, he told him where his table was and Joe turned to his favorite dish.
Upon his return from lunch he concentrated on his work and, having completed the final details, finally published his campaign.
It was evening and Joe headed for the supermarket. The pantry and refrigerator had already communicated to Joe’s mobile apparatus the food that was missing and these had already been ordered and prepared at the supermarket. But that night, Anna would have dinner at her house, and Joe wanted to make something special, and he went to the deli and he took the number through an app of his mobile device and started wandering around the shelves, in search of the inspiration for a delicious dish that would make Anna happy. By the time he had found all the ingredients he wanted a message on his cell phone, he warned him that it was his turn at the deli and hurried.
Thanks to NFC technology, the cart knew its contents and could communicate it to the cashier for automatic payment. The queues at the register were just a memory now. As he returned home, his car communicated the hour

expected arrival to the home Iot system, which prepared to welcome Joe with the ideal climate and the right shower water temperature. But Joe knew that Anna was a bit cold and activated the profile of temperatures dedicated to her. Nothing would spoil the evening! There was little time left, Anna would arrive shortly thereafter. Joe put away the purchased items, knowing that the refrigerator and the smart pantry and Iot had already received the list of things purchased from his mobile apparatus. While preparing dinner he realized how much things had changed: once he would have to pay attention to things in the fridge and their deadline, to avoid unnecessary waste. Thanks to the NFC tags on the packages, it was now the pantry itself to know its content and to warn him of the imminent expiry of the products, maybe giving him some suggestions on how to prepare them, through a recipe provider on the internet.
Everything was ready: the table was set and the light of the candles gently illuminated the table, inviting scents came from the kitchen… Damn! The kitchen was a mess! Joe hurried to throw away the packages of ingredients used to prepare dinner. Fortunately, it was no longer a problem to properly recycle and waste time figuring out where to throw a casing. Thanks to the NFC tag, the same waste container signaled where to throw each package. Even the kitchen was perfect, Joe would welcome Anna in the best way.
As he waited for the bell to ring, Joe thought back to his day and how his quality of life had improved.
He thought of his house, now almost energetically independent, thanks to the photovoltaic panels and the smart storage system that managed the production of energy in function, among other things, of weather forecasts in the medium term. He thought of his city, which collected, anonymously, the data generated by all his daily activities and used them to always improve the quality of services and life of his fellow citizens. Finally the bell rang…