Medicap the cap that saves your life

MediCap was born in the medical context of digital and automated solutions for interacting with the patient. Helping to solve the problem of therapeutic adherence.

Medicap (intelligent medical cap that can be integrated with current screw cap drug containers)

The MediCap device is placed in the context of the ecosystem of automatic medicine dispensers, as an accessory designed to be adapted to existing drug bottles. MediCap is a “smart cap” equipped with sensors that adapts to the drug/supplement bottle packaging and, which not only reminds the patient of the intakes, but also informs them of the remaining quantity of the bottle, the expiration date of the drug, the temperature in the case that the drug is placed in an unsuitable environment.

The device is in the form of a screw cap that can replace the cap on the container of medicines, whether in tablet, liquid or powder form. Its peculiar functionality is to memorize the opening and closing times of the container, notify the moment of recruitment, and keep the level of the content under control in order to generate an alert when the content is about to run out.
The information collected by the device is transferred to a mobile device via a BLE (Bluetooth Low Energy) wireless connection to monitor recruitment through a dedicated app.


The prototype

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MediCap consists of a cylindrical casing of about 4 cm in diameter and 4 cm in height which replaces the cap of the medicine container and contains the electronics necessary to manage the device as well as the primary button cell battery to power it.
Medicap was created for the monitoring of liquid drugs. The document attached to the page presents the result of a research on pharmaceutical standards of bottles and bottle caps.

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