Living Stones Projects for Industry 4.0 – Fair A&T 2016

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Agevoluzione participated as exhibitor at the international exhibition Reliability and Technologies in Turin on 20-21 April 2016.  The fair every year hosts a multiplicity of companies and startups that have the opportunity to show the public and specialists the innovative solutions they have developed. The team of Agevoluzione exhibited for the occasion the projects Livingstones just finished:

AGEduino , the microcontroller card compatible with Arduino but with greater memory capacity.

Wi-EasyLux , intelligent lighting system.

Wi-Paper, the eco-friendly Iot electronic bulletin board

Wi-Node, distributed data acquisition

Umberto Allievi, Project Manager of AGEvoluzione explained during a short seminar the particularity of our customized Iot (Internet of things) solutions and the many fields of application designed ad hoc for the evolution of companies towards industry 4.0.