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Giacomo Bellazzi and Umberto Allievi will hold a #firesidechat with Startup Grind Pavia!

The Iot (Internet of Things) and its applications to improve people’s health and well-being!

Hey Acters,

Startup Grind Pavia is back with the usual monthly appointment with! Wednesday, April 14 in the #firesidechat entitled “Internet of Things and life-saving technologies for health and well-being” we will host Giacomo Bellazzi and @Umberto Allievi di Agevoluzione

When we think of the word “Iot” probably the first image that comes to mind are industrial applications, robotic arms with sensors and cameras attached.

But is it really so?
We will solve this doubt by seeing how the Iot can have application in everyday life, solving seemingly trivial problems with innovative solutions but at the same time easy to use. In particular we will talk about a device of Iot pills, designed and built by them, which allows you to:

  • make it easy to manage pills for more complex posologies
  • make elderly and disabled patients autonomous
  • make the relatives more serene

How many solutions in a single object!