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The first intervention of the new Sustainable Growth Fund, amounting to EUR 300 million, will begin. The call, drawing on the resources already available in the Fund, aims to promote widespread innovation, through the facilitation of small and medium-scale research and development projects in the technological areas identified in the Community Framework Programme Horizon 2020.


The following persons may benefit from the facilities:

  • undertakings engaged in an industrial activity which produces goods or services or transports them by land, water or air
  • agro-industrial enterprises mainly engaged in industrial activities
    the handicraft enterprises of production of assets of which to the law 8 August 1985, n. 443
  • research centres with legal personality
  • research organisations

Areas of intervention

Projects eligible for the facilities must provide for the carrying out of industrial research and experimental development activities aimed at the implementation of new products, processes or services or at the significant improvement of existing products, processes or services, through the development of technologies.

Eligible costs

The eligible costs shall be those relating to:

  • employees and persons treated as such
  • new instruments and equipment
  • consultancy and other services
  • overheads arising directly from the research and development project
    the materials used to carry out the project


The investment plan must provide for eligible expenditure not less than EUR 800,000.00 and not more than EUR 3,000,000.00 and the amount of subsidised financing will be calculated on the basis of the following percentages:

  • 70% for small businesses
  • 60% for medium-sized enterprises
  • 50% for large companies

The preferential rate of financing is 20% of the reference rate in force at the date of granting the facilities.

Application deadlines

The initial deadline and the procedures for the submission of applications will be defined by a subsequent decree of the General Manager for the encouragement of entrepreneurial activities.

News of 02 April 2014