SHOWall: interactive wall shows off

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It could be the inevitable object in your homes, walls that can change color depending on your mood or light up when you pass.

Or they could accompany you in your daily life, showing you interactive restaurant menus or guiding you along the way at fairs and events.  This is SHOWall a fully independent interactive wall, free from cables that could be a unique piece of furniture in every imaginable area, given also for its low consumption and a lower energy impact on the environment, for the moment you can see it in action at the Museum of Electrical Technology (via Ferrata 6, Pavia).

The project, also for the attention of the Lombardy Region’s Open Innovation platform (and financed by it with the resources made available by the Call “Smart Fashion and Design”) is conceived and implemented by young Italian start-ups and entities including Agevoluzione, Julight, Vesenda, MTP Arredamenti and University of Pavia. The same Open Innovation platform dedicated us an article that you can read on this Link.

What can I say, you are all invited to take a look at the future from Saturday 15 December 2018 to March 2019.