Norbi in therapies for the treatment of headache

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Norbi in the therapies
for the treatment
of headache

Dear Professor Fabio Antonaci,

As you know, we’re testing our automated pill dispenser, and we’re asking Doctors, University Professors, and health experts to answer a few questions so we can understand how Norbi can help with therapy, and monitoring the patient or patient we’re nursing.

I write below the questions I would like to have an answer from you.

Why does the migraine patient often call himself unmanageable?

Professore Neurologo Fabio Antonaci: “Often the patient tends to make self-medication in 50% of cases , a little because he underestimates the headache, a little because he has little feedback with the specialist doctor (which is difficult to find when needed). If the therapies do not work quickly, it tends to suspend them and to prefer symptomatic drugs that often lead to an abuse headache.”

There is a type of headache from excessive use of symptomatic drugs. Do you think an automated pill dispenser that dispenses pills can be a valuable help?

Professore Neurologo Fabio Antonaci: “Proper management of preventative therapy certainly has better chances of avoiding wild consumption of symptomatic drugs even after the patient has been weaned from drugs.”

Our pill dispenser is managed by an app that keeps your medications in memory, day and time. Can this help you and your patients?

Professore Neurologo Fabio Antonaci: “It can help because the patient, thanks to the pill dispenser and the app, has a reference point to see his care as it unfolds with precision can be sure of the correct times and dosage of drugs taken: ie therapeutic compliance.”

Do you frequently experience cases where the headache is due to drug abuse? Do you think this can be contained with a pill dispenser?

Professore Neurologo Fabio Antonaci: “Frequent, hospitalization about 10 patients a month for drug detoxification. Your app can already be installed along with the other apps I use: Headapp (electronic headache diary), step tracking bracelet, my studio app and then the pill counter app. A pill dispenser takes away the anxiety of remembering why someone else does it for you, the therapy becomes lighter and regulated, gives less stress.”

We thank the professor for his answers and hope to hear it soon, especially once the test phase of the pill dispenser is over.

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