NORBI at Mobile World Congress of Barcellona

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The Mobile World Congress
has just ended
and we can proudly say:
Norbi is in there!

Already at the start we were very excited to be able to participate in an event of international importance and to bring Norbi, and in the light of the presentations made we are very satisfied.

We are present at the event keeping exactly the roadmap and development timing that we gave over 6 months ago and for such an innovative product being able to keep up with the forecasts is reason for pride.


Let’s take a step back, a summary of the previous episodes.  Norbi is an IoT device that we have created to help all those who need to follow complex therapies with more pills per day. Norbi in fact administers the right pill at a certain time and is fully configurable remotely thanks to Wi-Fi. In addition, if any dosing is missed, notify the person who takes care of a patient via notifications. It is therefore natural for us to want to be present at Mobile World Congress 2018, possibly with an important partner.


We have always believed in this project and using technology to improve people’s lives is our main goal. That’s why, between November and December 2017, we launched the crowdfunding campaign on Kickstarter, finding great participation. The backers that have supported us and that we thank again have allowed us to find two fundamental partnerships for the future of Norbi: Italtel and Assintel. Italtel had already developed an ecosystem that seems perfect to further enhance the features of Norbi: Doctor Link. As soon as we were discovered, the will to support us was immediately born.


Doctor Link is a healthcare platform connected to the web that allows a continuous exchange of information not only between patient and doctor of reference, but also between doctors and specialists. In this way the patient has a guaranteed continuity of care and a medical record known for receiving the best care.
Well in December 2017 ITALTEL has officially registered us among its partners giving us the opportunity to integrate the Doctor Link within Norbi. The challenge from December to March was to make the device work within the ecosystem and have everything ready for the Mobile Word Congress.


Thanks to this integration we went to Barcelona to the Mobile World Congress where we could breathe an atmosphere of technology and incredible avant-garde.
Particularly exciting are the new automotive applications made possible by the implementation of 5G, including the new generation autonomous drive cars.
Going to a fair of the future like this also means getting your hands on the technology that still has to come out: for example, the Samsung S9+ is a small jewel that we tried in preview.
The strongest feeling, however, is knowing that among the pavilions that arouse wonder and wonder there is also our Norbi, to show how the future of connected medical care is always closer and at hand.