Italtel-NORBI collaboration: the new horizons of telemedicine

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Recently founded, the partnership Italtel-Norbi was born with the first objective to optimize and enhance the evolution of telemedicine in Italy and beyond, through the project Doctor Link.

This agreement, signed in recent months as a result of the crowdfunding that involved Norbi, combines a telecommunication giant like Italtel with Agevoluzione, an Italian start-up operating in the field of telemedicine. Together they are the protagonists of the Doctor Link platform.

We are present at the event keeping exactly the roadmap and development timing that we gave over 6 months ago and for such an innovative product being able to keep up with the forecasts is reason for pride.

Italtel is an Italian company, born around the early 90s, that is positioned in the telecommunications sector. Specifically, it deals with the design, development and implementation in Italy and worldwide, products and solutions for new generation telecommunications networks and services, based on IP protocol. The pivot on which the philosophy of Italtel is the concept of “open innovation” understood just as innovation linked to the services offered, with the help of technology and brilliant ideas as effective.

Agevoluzioneinstead is an Italian start-up, founded about two years ago, which is developing the device Norbi for the distribution of medicines in pills with relative monitoring of the intake of the same and the related data on patients.Norbi, through connection to a network, allows to facilitate the process of taking medicines, managing the number of daily pills, controlling the medical levels of the patient and its related problems.

Italtel-Norbi partnership: objectives and potential

In the field of telemedicine, Italtel is turning its efforts on DoctorLINK, a new approach to patient management able to obtain better control over the execution of therapies, to improve the coordination of “team care”to accelerate the delivery of suitable therapies: all this with the aim of improving the patient’s experience and relative satisfaction.  DoctorLINK thus becomes a useful platform for patients at home, hospitals, medical centers, doctors as well as for development and research.

In practice, how does the reality of the patient change with the introduction of Doctorlink?

The patient can be monitored remotely, without the physical presence of the doctor. In fact, through this platform, you are able to collect all the information and medical records of the patient himself, so as to prescribe the most appropriate treatment in the shortest time possible, achieving excellent levels of efficiency and integration within a very large telemedicine ecosystem.

The Italtel-Norbi partnership was therefore signed with the aim of integrating the Appill device into the DoctorLINK platform. In this way, the project on remote patient management initiated by Italtel, finds a foothold as Norbi in the field of management of drug therapies. Specifically, once Norbi is introduced on the platform, all therapies, levels, medical records and general patient information are communicated by the network of devices and databases to Norbi, and by Norbi to the network. In this way the doctor will have all the elements to evaluate and prescribe the medicines, as well as the caregiver who takes care of the patient. Via device, the patient will find himself in the best condition of taking pills, remembering for time and not missing doses.

Specifically, the device includes 28 cells in which the pills that need to be taken are inserted. In addition, thanks to the development of an application that can connect to Norbi and monitor the course of therapy, the doctor can vary the quantity, periodicity and frequency of the pills themselves.

The collaboration Italtel-Norbi is certainly a step forward in the development and search for solutions in telemedicine, with a positive look at the future of telemedicine in terms of efficiency and effectiveness over time, and the capillary distribution capacity of a large ecosystem: all this will be realized thanks to Doctor Link.