Information & Communication Technology

Agevoluzione propone cursos de formación empresarial en el ámbito de las ICT (Information and Communication Technology) para estar concretamente cerca de las exigencias de cada empresa y de cada profesional.

La propuesta cuenta con una amplia oferta de formación que cubre todas las aplicaciones de Microsoft
y las herramientas de comunicación más utilizadas en las oficinas.


Microsoft Outlook SharePoint 2013 – End User Google Apps Microsoft Lync – End user


Our staff have a background in ICT: our LabICT are targeted to professionals who would like to receive hands-on training. During our LabICT the theory learned can be turned into practice: form product installation to its full configuration. During this experience potentially troublesome situations commonly experienced in companies can be simulate. 100% bespoke ICT courses


Find the course which best meet your needs among those we offer; AGEvoluzione constantly updates and upgrades the contents of the courses proposed to measure up to companies and processionals’ expectations. Microsoft Office (Excel, Word, Power Point, Access) – Basic Course Microsoft Office (Excel, Word, Power Point, Access) – Intermediate Course Microsoft Office (Excel, Word, Power Point, Access) – Advanced Course Microsoft Outlook New features in Office and Windows 7: Upgrade Training Windows 7, Windows 10


Proficient use of apparently straightforward work tools is fundamental to any company’ efficiency and competitiveness. Besides our standard courses, we offer Office on the Task, a practical and functional module to learn about Office. We will compose an “educational mosaic” made of topics to develop as well as various applications to obtain tools which can be immediately adjusted to the work needs of your company. For instance… “I know how to work” with Excel “I know how to work” with Word “I know how to work” with PowerPoint