In reality, the modern use of the content is no longer relegated to the printed book, physical and immutable, but expands to desktop computers, the laptops, the LIM, the interactive TV, tablets and smartphones.


The educational content is the result of collaboration, interaction between teachers with the involvement of the students. It evolves over time to enrich and improve. The “physical support” is replaced by a platform that allows access to the latest content via any device.

IT tool must support :

  • teachers to work together to improve the method and teaching aids
  • pupils develop its optimal capacity
Provide everything needed for the creation, storage, organization, categorization, evaluation and use of educational content.


Cloud-Computing-agevoluzione A platform is not just a set of devices and documents is a set of synergistic information leading pupils and teachers to improve the quality of their knowledge. The result is greater than the sum of its parts only if the information is organized, evaluated and consulted efficiently. IT support should allow to make easily accessible and usable sources of knowledge.


Teacher cleaning chalkboard with duster Teaching in history has suffered a extraordinary evolution. Currently, through the digitization of texts you have the opportunity to access a huge amount of information as never before. It easy to get lost in this sea of knowledge, if these are not reliable, organized and indexed efficiently. For an overview of clear and straightforward it is indispensable a correct evaluation of the quality of the documents and a simple and immediate access to content.


Why rewrite a new document when working can improve what already exists? The platform makes it easy to upgrade and data sharing.