IoT pill dispencer

APPiLL is an IoT pill dispenser that introduces a completely new way for the patient of managing his medical therapies.

It is a tool for the patient and a revolution for the caregiver, giving him the opportunities to remotely monitor the patient and his intakes.

APPiLL is a IoT robotic device specifically developed to remind the patients about time of the medication and to release the prescribed quantity and type with a simple and intuitive One-Touch system, especially for elderly and disabled persons.

APPiLL can be programmed via smartphone with a mobile app sending both audio and video alerts and notifications to patient and caregiver. The APP enables to schedule new therapies or to choose the therapy from a default list in the cloud database.

The Cloud Monitoring System is going to be developed with the help of a medical team in order to record the patient history intakes and to set a therapies database.

The project is currently in the testing phase and a portable version of the product, Pocket APPiLL, to enable the patient intakes even away from home, is going to be designed.