Wi-Node is a wireless device for remote acquisition of field signals.

  • AGEduino WiCore
  • Real-time data transmission
  • Long-running data series recording
  • Satellite positioning available
  • Remotely upated

A microprocessor-based  IoT device which enables to monitor operation parameters of hydraulic pumps and electropumps  and to communicate the data detected by the company’s control system or by the pump manufacturer’s or dealer’s remote assistance service.

The collected information can be made available both in real-time or stored in a long-run database for subsequent processing.

Information stored on removable media and data storage devices  can be later transferred to a computer, smart phone or tablet and  sent to the help desk or used in-house for troubleshooting or operational statistics.

What is more, alarm thresholds can be set so that real-time e-mail alerts (Ethernet; Wi-Fi  and GSM connections) or SMS text messages (GSM connection only) when they are exceeded.  Besides, a signal relay gives off an alarm locally; this can also control an alarm light or acoustic signal.