WiLightSquare, smart lightning system with Easylux

WiLightSquare is a smart LED lightning system expressly devised for  public squares, rigged with proximity and light sensors and remotely configurable, via app or web application, from a City Hall Command Central. The project has  low-environmental impact and its target is to make public lighting of squares, roads and streets safer and optimized.  WiLightSquare  is equipped for  hardware installation and software features that allows to enrich the square with light scenarios for public events as concerts, fairs, markets etc. We are currently testing the technological prototype.

WiLightSquare has been financed by the Lombardia Region Tender for Corporate Social Responsibility   that has selected  Agevoluzione as one of the companies attuned to the issue of CSR (corporate social responsibility) in the context of environmental protection.

Watch the Promotional video below!