SHOWALL – Smart HiTech OpenWall

SHOWall is a project born from the partnership between a group of startup companies and the University of Pavia, and financed by the Smart Fashion&Design tender, a national funding program (co-funded with FESR) for Research&Innovation projects that combines technology and design. Here are the partner: MTP, a Pavia Design Company, Agevoluzione, Julight and Vesenda , startups of the  Technological Centre of Pavia, and the Civil Engineering  and Architecture Department of University of Pavia. SHOWall  is  an  interior design objects with technological and IoT  features (led&laser ,pictures&video, online access) suitable both for home than for gallery exhibition. MTP is setting up SHOWall stages for photogallery and theatre play promoted with Pavia City Hall.

Link here to see the project

Link here for more info about the next exibitions