APPiLL Video presentation at the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona

As you may remember, APPiLL was at the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona. Here in detail a glimpse of the video presentation of the IoT device made by Italtel.


Appill at Mobile World Congress in Barcellona

  The Mobile World Congress has just finished and we can proudly state: “APPILL is here!” We were absolutely thrilled to take part in an international event with APPILL and we are highly satisfied with the success of the presentations we gave. We managed to attend the event keeping exactly to our roadmap and the […]

Watch now our APPiLL english presentation

The presentation made by our project manager Umberto Allievi, is now online. Enjoy!


WiLightSquare, smart lightning system with Easylux

WiLightSquare is a smart LED lightning system expressly devised for  public squares, rigged with proximity and light sensors and remotely configurable, via app or web application, from a City Hall Command Central. The project has  low-environmental impact and its target is to make public lighting of squares, roads and streets safer and optimized.  WiLightSquare  is equipped […]

DIGITAL + Manufacturing: Digital Excellence has met up with Manufacturing Companies

AGEvolutione was present at the DIGITAL + MANUFACTURING networking event, where Digital Excellence has met up with Manufacturing Companies of the Pavia eco-system.

APPiLL: our Kickstarter campaign is finally online!

We created a device that helps older and young ill people taking their medicines safely, and helps the caregivers in their daily work of support.