Makes Pavia: Agevoluzione presents Arduino and Easy Lux at Polo Tecnologico

Was held at the Technology Centre of Pavia event MAKES starring 3D printers, the new frontier of technology and technologies based on Arduino, the programmable smart board to  and connect the objects of everyday life.

The event aims to highlight how innovation “made in Italy” continues to make progress, despite the limited funds available and the difficulties in accessing finance. Italian know-how in the field of new technologies to keep up with the rest of the world and aims, with enthusiasm, to enter this new international market.

Among the exhibitors: SHAREBOT with 3D printers they built, SPAZIO GECO the Fab Lab in Pavia, AGEvoluzione with AGEduino, the evolution of Arduino, and ComPVter, association retrocomputing but also among the top experts in the world Arduino.

To give greater visibility to the event we thought “La Provincia Pavese” which documented the entire event ( article ) and YouCampus.