Courses Area

Besides its primary activity of R&D for IoT solutions,  AGEvoluzione offers a range of courses which span from IoT for beginners to IoT application in  Smart Factory – Smart Building  and Smart Energy for advanced participants. IoT courses are aimed to IT Professionals and the staff who manage a company network infrastructure and their target is to make them possible to choose among new technological application scenario (Industrial IoT Solutions) inside the company and to measure the  economic impact  of news technological tools. The ICT courses are born from our expertize and competences  and are aimed to fullfil the staff training needs of our customers.

IoT Courses

Introducing IoT solutions into a factory means providing new opportunities for production activities – specifically increasing company productivity, quality and flexibility thanks to advanced solutions and tools which underlie the fourth industrial devolution: Industry 4.0.

Smart Factory – the future of manufacture industry worldwide – is the result of  IoT technology into the  production system.

ICT Courses

Agevoluzione  provides ICT (Information and Communication Technology) courses to meet the needs of companies operating in all business categories and professionals.

Our ICT courses content covers all Microsoft applications as well as the most common company communication tools.