Arduino Workshop


Learn how to program the Arduino and AGEduino to accomplish your projects Internet of Things. Each participant will be given a kit AGEduino for exercises to be carried out during the course and that you can buy at the end of the course.

At Polo Tecnologico di Pavia, address: via F.lli Cuzio 24

Friday September 11th
Tuesday September 15th
Friday September 18th
3pm – 6pm

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Course Topics

What is Arduino and
What is a microcontroller
Digital information
What is AGEduino
The Arduino IDE
The ecosystem Arduino
Installing IDE Ardunio
Setup and Loop
The program Blink
the Functions
The Digital Read Serial
The data and assignments
The classes and objects
Finite State Automata
The if … then … else
The construct switch … case … default
The construct for (…; …; …)
The while construct (…)
Internet of Things
The communication for the IoT
The history of AGEduino
The characteristics of AGEduino
AGEduino with WiFi card
Operating tests and exercises
Transmission TCP and UDP

Familiarity with your computer. Participants work on your computer (Windows or Linux) The Arduino IDE will be installed during the course.

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