Our idea of sustainability is translated into a project that contains all the values we believe in: environmental protection, social development and education to young people.

aula-pc-2The school project Open Mind springs from the belief that the universe productive (companies) should support the universe formation (school), and is based on three key concepts: the recycling of obsolete electronic equipment thus avoiding the difficult disposal of this waste; offer educational tools to schools free and free; thus stimulating the free flow of ideas by contributing collectively. Thus was born the project donation to schools of personal computers recycled by companies and prepared with open-source programs totally free and free, whose features are now fully able to compete with those of the best known proprietary software. This project promotes the idea of ??saving energy, respecting the essential values ??of environmental protection and encourages young people to approach the concept of “open source” and sharing. The innovativeness of the project School Open Mind led that computers will be equipped with a Linux distribution optimized for the PC on which it will be installed and expressly created for educational purposes. Among the free instructional programs installed (depending on the level of the school to which they are intended):

  •  iTalc allows teachers to monitor student desktops;
  •  The suite of education with KDE educational software for children 3/18;
  •  Geogebra dynamic mathematics;
  •  LibreCAD for 2D computer-aided design (CAD);
  •  Calibre, an electronic library for cataloging books in digital format;

As a final assurance, delivery of computers to schools will be completed by a practical training to the teaching staff, led by our employees as part of their working hours.